A Day in the…

So now back to writing.

Really, the DGA stuff has been fun…but if I don’t take a break for a couple days I’ll start doing scary things to the website. I know the 21st century is hard on people’s brains. BUT you have no excuse…my 80 year old grandmother can handle it, so can you.

So yea…back to nano.

Anyway…I’m teaching a tarot class on Monday. Anyone want to come and be part of of a human Celtic Cross?

Monday November 24th is Pagan Community Night at For Heaven’s Sake;
6:30 to 8:00pm: Join Michelle Norton who presents Learning the Tarot:
Building up a Spread.

Are you new to Tarot or would you just like some practice
laying out the cards? This presentation will take you through laying
out a variation on the Celtic Cross, what to look for in the entire
spread, how to connect the cards and receive clarification. Bring
your own tarot deck and one to share if possible.

For Heaven’s Sake is located at 4383 Tennyson St in North Denver. The
store closes at 8:00 pm so please arrive early should you wish to
browse. A $5 donation is appreciated but not required.


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