And So I Twitch

The truth is I pretty much lost it.

I want to do things, but as things spiral out of control, even when they are going well, there is no end until you bounce. So, in January, I hit and bounced. Now I understand that this year has been shitty for a lot of people, and in someways, I have had a share of the shitty as well.

But fuck, other things are going great.

I managed to touch on things I hadn’t done in a year. I wove a scarf. Started a knitting project. Played a video game I loved. Read, wrote, and found a few more things. Last year I had started to live stream on YouTube. I liked it. But this article made me want to try Twitch.

And so as of now I Twitch. Not just games, not just anything. No one may read my books, but I could write them online. I could play online, code online, do stuff online. Why not? Right now the only thing stopping me is maybe me and my dog.

And my dog doesn’t mean to.


Look, I have trouble asking for help (need to write moving email). I don’t go anywhere unless I’m explicitly invited. I will not assume that by talking about something in front of me, that means I can go to (and even if I really really want I probably won’t ask).

So maybe I just do this and that’ll be okay.


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