Atkins Induction

So I started Atkins this week. After going over low carb choices with my doc, we settled on this. Gah. This is hard enough already. I miss fruit…two weeks till fruit.

I’m on day 3. And it’s hard. I feel sick. According to the book you’re supposed to. Gah. But…I’ve been loosing a pound a day so far. I also found this website, Sugar Free Sheila. The recipes on those pages have been life savers. Really, cheese chips…cheese chips! And the pumpkin bakes have been really good.

I can’t go the hard boiled egg route…I need them too doctored up. But tonight is spaghetti squash and chicken. Num.

Now if I can just fit in some sleep and lose this con crude.


2 thoughts on “Atkins Induction

  1. This is in connection to the Atkins diet…the book tells you.

    As for if it is right for me? I know what I should and should not eat based on my condition and the medications I take for said condition. I really love my doc, she’s been a life saver.

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