Short Story Reading January 18th

So I entered One of You Always Does this in the BWW writing contest back in September. Turns out I’m a finalist and I have read my story out loud, in front of people. ¬†Oh boy. They’ll announce the winners of the contest at the reading. If anyone would like to watch: Saturday, January 18, […]

What If I Suck

Life bothers me lately. In the 11 years since graduation from college, writing has been mostly on the side, in those odd moments, whenever I could, because my life was wiped out beneath me. It took two years to get published. Six for a pro credit in fiction. And then it was a landslide, I […]

Mixing Gunk

I’ve used blending gel and floating medium for a while to thin my paints while painting miniatures. However, I’ve always used them separately, mixing on the fly. I finally decided to pre-mix. Mainly because my base pots (empty pots I keep frequently used colors in) didn’t have room for green. So I got an empty […]