Labor Day Weekend ’08

So this weekend was Tacticon. Three of my games went off. It looks like the Vampire Hunters left Kilkore and the crew of the Winding Leaf added to the their list of felonies three-fold. It’s definitely a complete weekend when some one groans, “Oh I remember this moral dilemma, thanks.”It is an interesting social experiment […]


It’s Tacticon weekend. So I’ll be unavailable most of the weekend. Monday I’m removing wallpaper, so if you like to watch paint un-dry I could use the emotional support. History was made in Denver last night. We have an official AA candidate. Go us. There will be many more now…we are country that runs on […]

Return to Elitchs

Elitchs is the largest and technically oldest theme park in Colorado. I say technically because since it move from it’s original location in the Highlands to downtown Denver it had been sold twice and no longer that the extensive gardens it once had. Since leaving Six Flaggs ownership though, my sister and I noted that […]

Oh My God My Butt Hurts

Snot has died. This is depressing on a lot of levels. He and Puke have been a mainstay of my Ren Fair going for many years. We got to see one of (if not his last) show here in Colorado. I happened to have recorded it. Really glad I bought that camera. My Wii Fit […]