Rest in Peace

On Friday, May 11, my great-aunt, Margaret Armstrong, passed away. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I barely knew her. My memories of her pretty much boil down to playing the fish in a toy fishing game we played during a family reunion. I think I was about 11. She was the […]

Amethyst Diving

Last week I was in Lake Havasu visiting the family, and swimming and other combinations of those two. Mostly I came back tired and burnt, but hey, it was fun. The last day of swimming in the channel next to the London Bridge, I did some rock diving. One specific rock diving: Amethyst. I’ve found […]

Off to Arizona

I’m leaving for Arizona tomorrow and I’m trying to get some blog posts done, and some articles finished. I’m almost packed.Internet will be spotty, and what I can through my phone…which is alot. So the only difference will be I won’t be available all day. So sun, water, and more sun. See you in a […]

Of Sun and Towers

My expectations for this week were to finish the major revisions on my novel, talk about that process, then start the (re)outline for the next novel. That’s still coming. Maybe next week. This turned into a different sort of beast. My nearly five year old nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this last Tuesday. […]