Ever as Things Change

I struggle with what to write about on this blog anymore. I can’t stomach writing about politics anymore, like I used to. I want to talk about writing but fear my daily word problems are boring. There is always Healthcare and work but I’m tired of writing about it. I’ll keep plodding on. I live […]

Short Story Reading January 18th

So I entered One of You Always Does this in the BWW writing contest back in September. Turns out I’m a finalist and I have read my story out loud, in front of people. ¬†Oh boy. They’ll announce the winners of the contest at the reading. If anyone would like to watch: Saturday, January 18, […]

Book Purge

It seems that I’m getting rid of more books than I am keeping anymore. Many of them I’m not finishing. I haven’t read one I’ve loved very often anymore. I can think of only two in the last year that I remember reading with real clarity that wasn’t tinged with blah or active dislike. I […]