Spindles End by Robin McKinley

Spindle’s endRobin McKinley; Putnam’s Sons 2000WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  McKinley takes Sleeping Beauty and makes it into a tale about broken families and creating new ones. It’s a sweet twist on the story, Rosie, the missing princess, burdened by the gifts of magic that make her grotesque in ways that should have made her beautiful and beautiful […]

Insurance Options in 2012

I’m always on the lookout for insurance options. Not that I’m optimistic at all. The DNC was downright depressing as people lauded Obama for getting them insurance. Too bad these people are inaccessible because I’d love to call them up to ask them how they managed that. Obama care has not made insurance more accessible […]

Back. Only Mostly Burnt.

We had a great time. I have some of the pictures on Facebook. Still have more to post. I’m still playing catch up. This means I’ll have to post a more lengthy review of the trip later. As some would say: Amok. Amok. Amok. We missed the earthquake by a few days but I hope […]