Waking Up in Pain

Trying to make a medical decision is difficult enough. When all you have is three choices and none can be fixed anytime soon it’s worse. All decisions in this case lead down the same road. I’ve been waking up in pain and have severe head pain that is making my eye twitch all day, most […]

Health Insurance is not Health Care

Health insurance is not health care. Obama’s health care package is really a boost the health insurance. Apparently folks don’t know the difference. Let me just clarify. Health insurance is bet that you will get sick. You are betting against the health insurance company. If you don’t get sick, they win, and you pay. If […]

I Don’t Walk the Dog

I’m trying to suss this out. It’s like pulling apart a carpet thread by thread. My Tiger year has been full of challenges and I’ve rose against every single one. The last ditch effort for the Tiger to draw blood has and I’m not sure where I’m at about it. Trying to balance a year […]