Like a Tinker Toy Pot Roast

I’ve updated all my wordpresses… And changed somethings… If you’re the observant type, you’ll see that the paganism sections is gone. It’s not that I’m not a pagan any more..because I am a pagan, it’s just that those topics have been absorbed elsewhere. You’ll find my belief section in the Particles, and all tarot related […]

Call Ins

So Friday I get this call: This guy, he has an issue that he’s going to sue for: He wants to know why the parking in front of the building is reserved for handicaps and the medical center. Never mind that covered parking is in the back or that the larger parking lot is only […]

Lard, Best in Health or It’s like stuffing, only not so much.

So I wrote this long post yesterday. And it was eaten by the internet monster. Bastard. But if you look a little to your right…no not that far, stay in the browser…you’ll see that I wrote very well last week. I’m behind now because of three straight days of nightly engagements. However maybe I’ll catch […]