The Best Laid Weekend Plans

So last week turned into really busy work week, which hasn’t finished. Plus I had strep. Yeah me. So again this means I’m behind. If you’re waiting for updates from me, I promise I’m doing them…really. We got a new camera. It takes some great photos. The first thing I tested was the zoom. On […]

101 Method, A Return to IF

My first day of return to IF was less than successful. I’ve done IF before as I said (in fact iirc, that’s how I found Steve’s site, came for the IF, stayed cause I’m a fan of the novels, stayed longer because the conversation was interesting).  The last form was the JUDDD method with limited […]

This Week, This Year, This Time

Aia is coloring wooden blocks in art class. Why? So she can make dice. She’s also concerned for the Huntress’s love life in the Justice League. I’d say my daughter needs a hobby but she doesn’t. I’ve decided join up on the beta of The 101 Method put together by Steve Barnes and Mushtaq Ali.  […]