Repetition – Things I’ve Learned About Finance

I’ve begun adding more reps to my Wii Fit strength training exercise. It’s something you unlock as you go, but you have to choose them to do more. Today I started choosing the higher reps I’ve unlocked…I did fairly well. I’m still on only six reps for side planks…those are hard. Midway through the exercise […]

Doing Well…Nice to Say

Exercise has been near nill since the Kidney Stones. Two weeks ago I started doing Wii Fit yoga twice a week. This week I brought my Yoga dvd with me so I could do something. Besides swimming, hiking and walking…I manged three sessions of yoga at 1/4 modified. I feel pretty good. I’m eating well […]

More Wii Fit

Despite being derailed by kidney stones this weekend…I did manage to get on with the Wii Fit._,___ You release new games and exercises by the time you spend exercising, not how good you are. That’s a relief because I do the step aerobics like a pixie on percacet…all tripping and confusion and the screaming. It […]