I Am Not My Ancestors Daughter

The recent hoopla about Hemdall being cast as Idris Elba is strange. One side attacks from the racist view that their ancestors had and the other from the atheist and/or christian view that those gods don’t really exist. Let’s pretend the world is sane at the moment. 1. It’s a comic book movie. Comic books […]

Amethyst Diving

Last week I was in Lake Havasu visiting the family, and swimming and other combinations of those two. Mostly I came back tired and burnt, but hey, it was fun. The last day of swimming in the channel next to the London Bridge, I did some rock diving. One specific rock diving: Amethyst. I’ve found […]

Breath and Dots

Breathing, as in, in and out, nose and mouth. It’s calming, it focuses it’s what I like to do. You can feel the earth move, the stars shift and just relax. Dots, as in pictures, tell stories that you have to learn to see. They are minimalist drawings of freedom and wind and rain and […]