Upsetting Words

It amazes some times what various Wicca books still assume. So I’m on day 2 of the year and the day.  They want my reaction to certain words dubbed Upsetting Words. The words are:  Wicca, Witchcraft, Earth Religion, Power, Occult, Magic, Ritual, Spell and Pagan. My reaction:  So?  I’ve been a pagan all my life.  […]

Labor Day Weekend ’08

So this weekend was Tacticon. Three of my games went off. It looks like the Vampire Hunters left Kilkore and the crew of the Winding Leaf added to the their list of felonies three-fold. It’s definitely a complete weekend when some one groans, “Oh I remember this moral dilemma, thanks.”It is an interesting social experiment […]

Doing Well…Nice to Say

Exercise has been near nill since the Kidney Stones. Two weeks ago I started doing Wii Fit yoga twice a week. This week I brought my Yoga dvd with me so I could do something. Besides swimming, hiking and walking…I manged three sessions of yoga at 1/4 modified. I feel pretty good. I’m eating well […]