Thinking of a Tablet

I’m thinking of getting Aia a tablet for her birthday or Christmas. She wants something she can read books on and play games. I’ve thought about an iPad but in truth, I’d rather not go that route or have her dealing with iTunes. I’ve played with a few Android tablets. However, so far, the differences […]

Things that Happened this Week

So I’ve been slow to post. For the first time in a long time I have a bunch of unfinished drafts waiting for me to finish them. This week has been hell. Aia woke up Monday morning with a fever and her entire face swollen. Naturally I panicked, called the dentist (who didn’t answer the […]

Snow Wet Weekend

Life has been way to quick lately. From Aia in faux-karate, to girls scouts ending to girl’s night to just snow I’ve been very busy. I’ve got a lot of website work, and my house is for sale again. This means several things: I’m behind on posting. I’m behind on writing. I’m feeling a little […]