Kthx…snaffu not quite fixed, books for children of the gifted…

Reposted because my host misinterpreted: “Fix the php installation please” to mean “delete my database and replace with an older copy”. You might have noticed that the website was down yesterday. Apparently it’s server fried. Not all is fixed…I’m waiting for word that they have finished installing php. Then the RSS from 78 Images Later […]


I made it on Friday, with time to spare. Almost ran out of gas which led to confusion on Sunday when I did not follow J. home…instead I stopped for gas. Saturday was the Renaissance Fair. We saw Puke & Snot, which I haven’t seen in years. Of course it was funny. Aia, DLZ and […]

More Lunch

I got a call from Aia’s teacher just a moment ago…the school paid Aia’s lunch money back. She didn’t sound happy with me, but forcing my child to eat what amounts to a 3rd lunch and making me pay for it. Well, what can I say. I should have called sooner. They didn’t pay for […]