Painter 12

Through a nifty combination of coupons, upgrade pricing and sales I got my hands on Corel Painter 12. OMG I’m in love. Pencils work like pencils should. That means the scribbling I do with my 4h pencil on Painter 12 looks like the same scribbling I do with my real 4h pencil, just not staining […]

On Painting and other fun things.

So I’ve been working on this for a year. I’ve never been good with drawing the male body. So I spent the last year practicing it and working on this at the same time. Another gamer stopped me during a game over a year ago and asked if I still do that painting thing. Queue […]

Flames in the Dark

So I have to redesign Denver Fiction Writers because the current theme doesn’t support some new functionality. That’s what I get for using a premade theme. I like them for ease of use but it comes back and bites you for customization. Also I’m working on design for Fuzzy Building Blocks, the current site for […]

Vue 9

I’ve upgraded from Vue 6I to Vue 9 Complete. It’s quite a jump though I’m happy to say a good jump. Vue 9 is much more stable than 6. The default interface is cleaner and easier to read. Ecosystems painting is smooth and much easier to use. I created this picture yesterday. I used an […]