I’ve been ill. If you’re waiting on a tarot reading it’s coming to you this weekend. I’ve begun Madonna Compton’s book Archetypes on the Tree of Life. Tav, the head, is facinating. I imagine this path to sea green, flowing in Nile fashion. It’s the first step…understanding. I begin this after coming out of the […]


Binah Water The world of the Throne The world of Creation Between (root of Binah) Three Fates: Spinner, Measure, Cutter. Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Who is in Charge. It was an intense session the other night. What makes the Queens in a tarot deck women of power? It became the central question of the night. The […]

Gathering – An Update

So Tarot Geeks has been going really well. We’ve finished up the sepheroth with a review and a coloring of the tree. Next it’s the four worlds and Hebrew letters. Overall Kabbalah is a deep and enriching system…just not mine. It’s not my world view. But worth the look. I feel like I did when […]