Posting has been not so often, I know. You’d think with a new work schedule of 6:45 to 3:15 would mean I have more time. Halloween was a pleasant surprise. My neighborhood has always some nice participants, well decorated houses and fun gimmicks. However, the houses participating  have been few, the streets sparse of children even though we live in a […]

Costa Rica

I’ll be in Costa Rica for the next week with my sister. While I may have email access, probably not much else. And even email will be spotty. We’re going on a tour with GAdventures. I expect we’ll spend most of the week wet and muddy. That’s gonna be all kinds of fun. Oh and […]

Thinking of a Tablet

I’m thinking of getting Aia a tablet for her birthday or Christmas. She wants something she can read books on and play games. I’ve thought about an iPad but in truth, I’d rather not go that route or have her dealing with iTunes. I’ve played with a few Android tablets. However, so far, the differences […]