I finally got a chance to watch Dollhouse last night. It was like pulling threads in embroidery. What you have is about 100 tangle messes that, with a little teasing, will straighten out into something pretty. It was different and serious. So far I like it. I’m pretty laxBy lax I mean that she can […]

101 Method, A Return to IF

My first day of return to IF was less than successful. I’ve done IF before as I said (in fact iirc, that’s how I found Steve’s site, came for the IF, stayed cause I’m a fan of the novels, stayed longer because the conversation was interesting).  The last form was the JUDDD method with limited […]

Kitchen Redone

I get home last night to a disaster. J., whenever he leaves town, leaves in a explosion of newspapers, plastic bags and whatever he was cooking before he left. This time it was Yucca, prepared like Potato Pancakes (none kosher style), but takes a lot more preparation (you can’t eat the waxy skin at all […]