A Day in History

Yes we have a new president. Yes it’s historic. Yes I wish we could kick out Bush now. Obama is change for good or ill, change. But I’m here to talk about Mochi. Mochi those stick gooey rice cakes filled with bean curd. I love them. You would too if you try them. In Colorado […]

The Gallery is Back, The Links are Gone

I’ve started my gallery again. I also now have a Picasa account for photos. Go me. I removed the links…mainly because I kept links read folks stuff…then you all got RSS feeds. Now I read everything on Google Reader. Honestly, if you still want your link up here, let m know…I’ll put it back. I’m […]


I’m sitting in Blondies, a sports bar in Planet Hollowood Las Vegas. J managed to get them to put on the Penguins v Devils game. So it’s drinks till dinner. We drove to Green River last night. The Ramada we stated in was smokey in hall but the room was nice. The idiots in the […]

The Saga Continues

Image via Wikipedia I try not to blog about drama issues until they are complete. This is true especially when money or valuable objects are on the line. In this case I’m holding all the cards at the moment and I want to get this off my chest before go to Vegas. This all started […]