Five Year Fantasy

Exercise from Mary Greer’s Tarot for Yourself. The Date Five Years Hence is: March 17, 2012 Position 1: The Me Creating the Fantasy 5 Swords Major Accomplishment 8 wands 3 pentacles Work 9 pentacles Ace of Chalices Exciting Lovers 10 of Chalices Talents 9 Wands 9 Chalices Home 6 Wands 2 Chalices Intellect 9 Swords […]

Entering a Card

My first serious study into meditation was Entering a Scene. Usually a card. This has become my favorite mediation. The method I learned was through the Hallowquest course. I’ve tried other systems: Buddhist, Hindu (only slightly different than B.), and guided. I found I don’t like these. That Mary Greer included the entering a card […]