Of Manga and Taroty Things….

Last weekend was full. I fit more things in there than humanly possible. So let’s pretend I’m superhuman, shall we? I am now counting three days without pop. I made a counter on Traineo. I’ve managed to exercise every day…still feel tired and still getting headaches. Doc might be upping the dosage of synthroid…I’ll have […]

Reading in Groups; A Dreaming Aside; and Free Tarot Readings Update

Last night M. and I had this discussion on book clubs. “Why don’t we found one,” she says. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/paganbook/ So I did…for now it’s me talking to myself but maybe others will join me. —- If you requested a free tarot reading…I’ve got bad news…the email address that was recieving them has been eating all […]