78 Images is now Live!

78 Images…yes so head over to my tarot home.  I’ll be moving/copying all tarot information from this site to that.  Readings will still be available form this site, and reviews will be duplicated on both sites. While that site is working HoD is giving me issues.  Something’s wrong wtih the link script.  Dammit.  I’ll have […]

78 Images Later

I’ve had this idea for awhile.  A tarot class or book or site, devoted to learning tarot.  Lately, it has solidified in my mind as a book where the reader defines the meaning.    But yesterday I had a flash.    The now defunct pagan book study was on the edge of oblivion.  It expires […]


(Note:  I’ve moved this to it’s own post.  Trying to keeps these journals separate.) I love roses. They are my favorite flower. I like yellow for their scent. Red for the color. Mutihues for the surpries they hold. I love white with peach, red with yellow. I love roses. It’s funny, I can remember roses […]