Girls Movie Night

This weekend was my girls movie night…we manged to watch Just Like Heaven, The Lake House, some Outlaw Star, and Doctor Who.

We discovered that baby artichokes are extra good…so is Armagnac pudding. Ml had to leave after the first movie and 2 1/2 hours of talking after words. M. stayed the night. Aia was ecstatic that she had a sleep over with A.

It was a good night…I’m sorry not everyone could make it. I’ll have to see when we could do it again…not sure when that will be, J. doesn’t leave town that often.

Recipe time!

Frozen Armagnac Pudding

  • Armagnac (flavored cognac might work too)
  • dried fruit of choice…make sure it’s the sugar coated kind we used pears.
  • whipping cream
  • milk
  • berry glaze of your choice, we used ligon berries but any berry glaze with berries in it will work.

place the dried fruit in a sauce pan…pour enough armagnac over it to barely cover. Cook until fruit is slimy (ie acts like fresh cooked fruit again) and soft. Armagnac should boil.

Whip cream till thick…if your feeling industrious then whip till stiff peaks. Add a little milk to taste (or to fill up if you didn’t buy enough whipping cream like me) and whip more. Fold in dried fruit and armagnac…whip it a bit more.

Place mixture in individual cups and freeze.

Serve with a spoonful of berry glaze on top.


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  1. Ooh – yeah! Keep me posted. This month has been extra hard for some reason, so I couldn’t make it, but I want to come next time 🙂

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