Happy Thoughts in a Storm

So we’ve had this wonderful rainstorm all day. Now it has turned to snow, and we were just getting flowers too.

My office is an office now. I still have filing and stuff to put away. Blargh. It’s much better though.

Other than that I have one chapter left on my novel. ONE. And I will have a full manuscript which means time to edit. Just got to hunker down. Painting should recommence shortly as my painting area is set up. I primed a few minis yesterday but ran out of primer. I need to get some…maybe I’ll make it to Total Escape this weekend. I want to have the mini for our Warhammer RPG game finished. Wish me luck.

So I’m going to get some cleaning done. I’ve had a lot of web sites to do lately…so maybe I’ll finish putting up porfolio images.


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