I am Eating Chicken for Breakfast Again Today

I woke up this morning and couldn’t walk.

Let me back up…I’ve been neglecting this blog for two reasons, time is money and frankly my life has been boring. We not boring but whiny. It’s bad enough I’ve been subjecting my Twitter and Facebook followers to the pain I’m in and the the medication I’m taking. I don’t want to write about that here. I want to write about the fact that currently have two, almost three, amazing web design contracts. That one of the most amazing websites I’ve ever done has gone down and the company seems to have gone out of business. That I’m revising “Get ‘Em Where You Can” and I’m looking for a market for it. That my novel has stopped because spring and winter have happened twice and summer never came. Or that my Serenity RPG group is awesome in ways should put fear in your hearts. Or that I really want to play Warhammer RPG next week. And I gave up my car and I have lot of documents to sign and I have to go find a notary tonight so that maybe my house will sell.

But this morning, the first morning after I have ramped up the Lyric, a medication that I can’t afford but seems to have stopped the pain, this morning I couldn’t walk because of the dizzy.

Dizziness has been a side of effect of most drugs I’ve taken in my life. Yours probably too. But it’s never actually happened. I feel high like I’ve taken more than two Percoset and dizzy like I’ve drunk three white russians. I’m in no pain. This is good…but I can’t function…this is bad.


I finally made to the office after reading Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton (I bought it on my G1, yes I feel cool, shut up). It’s inspiring really. So I’m going to finish up one website today and get another almost done. Tomorrow I have conference call with one client and meeting with a second. I can’t drive because I don’t have a car and because, shit, driving like this is going to net me a DUI. I can’t seem to get past the TOS on Adsense. So I guess I’m denied.


This is the closest I get to drunk blogging. Enjoy!


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