It was a good idea at the time.

I bought my Saturn Ion2 when my SL2 died because my SL2 had been good, reliable and fun to drive. The Ion2, while it is the green color I’ve always wanted, has been less reliable.

The engine light has been on constantly despite claims nothing’s wrong.

It’s been in three times for factory recall of parts.

It attracts people who want to kill me.

It attracts golf balls and so I’ve only had a not cracked windshield for 5 months of the two years I’ve owned it.

I’ve had to replace the rims twice. The tires three times.

The paint is pealing. Considering I had to get a new paint job due to a psychopath I am not happy.

The brakes squeal and Saturn swears they can’t hear it.

Finally GM announce that they would be getting rid of Saturn. Saturday I got letter in the mail from the CEO of Saturn stating that they would be trying to start an independent car company as long as they could suckle from the teat of GM for another two years, it should work. And the warranty might still be good. Sorry, I am not a “hang on until he comes back” type of girl anymore.

If I didn’t still have three years left in paying off this car…I’d be buy Japanese or Korean right now. Any one want to pay off my loan so I can get a new one?


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