Kitchen Scratch Quesadilla

So due to the broken cupboard, dishes litter our stove, freezer, and counter space. This also happens to be a week with little to no leftovers or easy heat ups. J. got us a rotisserie chicken earlier in the week, but I’m about chickened out.

So I feel hungry for something else. This is what I pulled out:

2 slices of sharp cheddar

2 slices of Dubliner cheese

Herdez Salsa Verde (the pantry shelf buckled too…but this managed to stay on the shelf.

Lemon Juice

Ms. Dash Fiesta Lime (chili powder and lime powder basically)

Whipping Cream

Tortillas, Flour

Chicken, precooked, in this case rotisserie

Shred chicken. Put cheese, chicken, a splash of lemon juice and salsa on a tortilla. Fry or nuke in the microwave. Hint: it’s better pan fried. Sprinkle Dash over the top and drizzle with whipping cream.


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