Last Weekend, Steamboat, and the Future!

The 4th went well. We saw a spectacular show in Arvada. The kids were out by the end. All and all we had a good time and didn’t get too burned. I’ll post more of those pictures later.

J. and I saw Hancock…which I actually liked. Then we had reclett, a Swiss version of Korean BBQ. It include pickles and special cheese and is pretty good. Then the latest kidney stone hit. Blah. I gushed a lot of blood due to stupid nurses. Finally a half-ninja nurse showed up and did it right. But one of the stupid nurses came back later and messed it up. She gave me too much medication and really put me out.

Mom helped with Aia’s room and the swing. Aia’s room looks much better. I had intended to help more but I was still pretty medicated and slept most of the day. We ended at diet breaking Beaujeau’s but that’s okay…I’m still loosing.

Since getting the Wii Fit, I’ve been doing more yoga. Every time I do a pose I’ve never done before… I shake loose a kidney stone. Considering yoga is supposed to squeeze out impurities, I guess that’s a good thing.

One of the things we did in Steamboat were the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Trust me here, skip the downtown Steamboat Hot Springs and drive up to Strawberry Park. It’s beautiful, and a lot less crowded.

The pools are fed from hot springs waterfalls. They drain into the river.

If you head over to 78 Images LaterHome of free tarot readings, you’ll note the site is changing. I still have some tweaking to do and I’m working on a new dragon logo, that will also be on this site.

I’ll probably change this site’s domain. We’ll see. I’m still on the fence.

I’ve been working in Vue and on in tarot images. I’ve completed a new image as well:

You can see the gallery size here.


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  1. Reagan told me her shock story of Strawberry Hot Springs during her high school years. Is it still clothing optional after dark? They apparently didn’t know that, and she won’t go back ever since.

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