Lime Steak on a Bed of Olive Cream Cheese

Our kitchen is a disaster area. One of the cabinets fell off the wall. The important one, with the dishes. We’ve been living off of fast food and cold food while we try to find a replacement. Today I finally had enough and cleared off the stove so I could do some cooking.

Before this catastrophe I purchased bruschetta topping and cream cheese with some idea of doing a chicken dish with coconut. However, I bought these nice flat iron steaks and thought this would be good. Oh I was right.

2 Flat Iron (small) steaks
4oz of cream cheese
4 tbsp Bruschetta topping*
Lime Juice
Coconut Oil
True Lime

Spoon out the bruschetta topping and allow the oil to drain off a little bit. In the middle of a plate, smoosh the bruschetta topping* and cream cheese together.

Melt some coconut oil on low heat in a frying pan then turn it up to medium. Sprinkle the oil with lime juice. Butterfly (that’s cut in half by not all the way through) the steaks. Rub them with True Lime. Fry the steaks until done and place on top of the cream cheese. Eat each delicious bite with some meat and some of the cream cheese.

*The bruschetta topping is just green and black olives, pimentos, red peppers and capers in white wine vinegar and olive oil. You can easily put this all together yourself beforehand. Eating it with a spoon is good too.

And I promise to take better pictures. Cross my heart.


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