Not what you would call a happy camper.

I have some extra time during work right now so I’ve been working on website stuff.

78 Images has been sadly neglected lately…mostly because while I have things to post…I haven’t had time to get things all transcribed correctly. I want to change the look as well…

So I go there today and it’s been suspended. Looks like the wordpress plugin BDP Rss Aggregator is going nutzo…so the hosting company shut it down. I use it on this site as well…so no more rss feeds posted on the each site. This is nuts. I wasn’t notified of a problem. There was no way to know of it unless I went through all the raw logs….which is what I just did.


I’m in a holding pattern on HOD…waiting for the new leader to lead me into what he wants. Same for the DGA…I can’t do much until they make some decisions.

I have three new projects:

Rebecca’s Swim blog…it’s just a fledging blog right now…no design yet….she’s still deciding what she wants.

Aia will have a webpage soon. Won’t be public though.

Then there’s Serial Pulp…the webpage design is set…we just need content and images. I’m working on the title image…content needs to come from J.

On top of this is the novel and Worldcon….which I’m working on as well.



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