Package Sent? WTF?

I ordered a Wii last month.

It was a bundle. I ordered it with the understanding that it would not be here until January and that I might not get all parts right away and they would all be substituted if need be. I choose this bundle because it had games I wanted and some accessories I needed. Not everything but it would be a wii and we would have games.

And why not…Nintendo has specialized in fun. Folks dis Nintendo all the time, I say pshaw. Don’t you remember:

Nintendo is low priced compared to other systems.

It always has games that are just plain fun…it’s like a guarantee.

Every time a system comes out with some slogan saying that it’s better than Nintendo’s current one, Nintendo blinks and says, “oh you want that? Okay our system does that already…here you go.”

There are only two Nintendo Systems I don’t own (and still play):

1. Game Boy Advance: Why? No money…then Aia got a DS…we have lots of Advance games now.

2. GameCube: Why? It came out shortly after a divorce…couldn’t spend money on it…had to save up for other things…but now that I’m getting a Wii…I’ll be able to play gamecube games on it. Score.

So yeah I’m a nut. But back to the title…

I check my email this morning and my Wii was delivered.

12 days before Christmas

With all items.

So here’s my official endorsement. You want a Wii? Order one of the packages from

You’ll get it.

You’ll get extras you’re gonna want.

And you will have games.

And they cost the same if you would have bought them each individually.

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3 thoughts on “Package Sent? WTF?

  1. We got ours last month – now have a total of 4 remotes & nunchuks. Can’t wait to see Sean’s face when see’s it because I’ve told him repeatedly for three months now that I will NOT purchase a console game system because I’m paying for three WoW and 60 day game cards for CoH/V. We certainly don’t need to spend MORE money on games… 😉

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