Speeding, Stress and how Ginger takes it all away.

My life is in holding pattern 42.

While I’m trying to pack up my house and clean his everything has been put on hold. Or so it seems. I’ve either consciously put things off (Japanese except for in the car), subconsciously pushed things aside (writing except for deadline work), or had the universe conspire against me (the last Babylon 5 movie won’t come…it says it’ll be here today but I have my doubts).

I have so much to do…and little time with only a small window of help. Some things I’m trying to hold on to. But how can I when the pulp guy schedules his next game on Sunday, cutting off half my cleaning/packing time and half my tarot time.

Grrr…I’m going to play for a bit then cut out for tarot. I might have skipped out on tarot if a) I wasn’t so starved for spiritual nourishment as I have put meditation on hold during themustpackevery wakingmoment phase of my life. Or b) if I hadn’t been assigned the task of presenting the connection between tarot and Chokhmah.

In the mean time J. hasn’t been able to get a storage space because his car was recalled. Not in total but apparently OnStar uses an analog signal…since that’s all about to be illegal then the cars with older OnStar have been recalled to be fixed immediately.


Of course I’ve been trying to change the website but I’m about to give up on this idea and start again. The stupid main font won’t change. It should. Something in this theme I’m adapting is preventing it. I can find out what though since I went through and defined the same font size for everything. Bitch.

So back to the drawing board….I might just wait a bit and work on a color scheme for HOD. I’m sure I can get purple that lavendarly without being dark plumy. Sure…sure I can.

Just to compound my insanity, I got a speeding ticket today. I pull over to Quincy off of Parker rd. Get the ticket. I’m upset but at least Aurora doesn’t have mandatory hearings. So I do a U turn to get back in the lane to get on to Parker. The motorcycle cop takes the bike path. I shit you not. The cop took the bike path. I may have deserved the ticket but damn, he deserves something!

So I’m late to work. I have to stop for gas and to my joy I find ginger altoids!!!!!

But better than that…I find chocolate covered ginger altoids. Joy!

I promise the out of control icon will be replaced by other icons. You can help have it disappear by buying my furniture, hauling my furniture to J.’s or by getting me boxes or people to buy my furniture.

Or take a cat.

Or..got to my post office and get my new Japanese tarot deck before they send it back to Japan. Sigh.

You Are “Dizzy and Giddy”

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  1. What time do you want help on the 14th? I’m going to see if I can get Sean packed sooner so I can come help. I’m really good with books & things that can break.

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