Things that Happened this Week

So I’ve been slow to post. For the first time in a long time I have a bunch of unfinished drafts waiting for me to finish them. This week has been hell. Aia woke up Monday morning with a fever and her entire face swollen. Naturally I panicked, called the dentist (who didn’t answer the […]

Snow Wet Weekend

Life has been way to quick lately. From Aia in faux-karate, to girls scouts ending to girl’s night to just snow I’ve been very busy. I’ve got a lot of website work, and my house is for sale again. This means several things: I’m behind on posting. I’m behind on writing. I’m feeling a little […]

The Best Laid Weekend Plans

So last week turned into really busy work week, which hasn’t finished. Plus I had strep. Yeah me. So again this means I’m behind. If you’re waiting for updates from me, I promise I’m doing them…really. We got a new camera. It takes some great photos. The first thing I tested was the zoom. On […]