It Came!

Last night my computer finally came. Fedex took it back to the facility since we weren’t home at 2pm. Luckily Arvada has it’s own center so I did not have to drive back downtown. I got to the center, door ticket in hand, and lo had to wait a bit. After about ten minutes the […]

Obama and His Invocation, Estrogen in Lotion, Debt and my Computer

Have nothing really in common. First I’d like to talk about Obama and Rick Warren. Does everyone seem to forget that Obama is against gay marriage? Or that many of the things Rick Warren stands for (even the book), Obama has said he also stands for? This isn’t a shock, folks. Estrogen is apparently in […]

There is TMI in this Post Amoung the Weekend Updates

So no, the weekend did not start out well with my computer dying, again. I’m actually extremely upset now as I know it’s a hardware issue. At the end of the week I should have an update on that. Any bets on what I’ll get from Dell this time? Writing went well this weekend. Not […]