So I started calling debt consolidation non-profits this week. I’ve been down this road before and have been told that I cannot be helped. No one wants to help you out of good debt (like no one wants to help you not eat the pudding). But now I have two credit cards (not maxed) and […]

Trying Something New

My life is complicated. I’ve tried debt consolidation in the past and I’ve been rebuffed. At most I got a second mortgage out of the deal…but most of these miracle places have basically told me I cannot be helped. I’ve never made a lot money. And my debt, while actually very low, is humongous compared […]

Obama and His Invocation, Estrogen in Lotion, Debt and my Computer

Have nothing really in common. First I’d like to talk about Obama and Rick Warren. Does everyone seem to forget that Obama is against gay marriage? Or that many of the things Rick Warren stands for (even the book), Obama has said he also stands for? This isn’t a shock, folks. Estrogen is apparently in […]