I Don’t Walk the Dog

I’m trying to suss this out. It’s like pulling apart a carpet thread by thread. My Tiger year has been full of challenges and I’ve rose against every single one. The last ditch effort for the Tiger to draw blood has and I’m not sure where I’m at about it. Trying to balance a year […]


So my blood work came back today. And all of it was Good. Let me break that down. T4: Good Hemoglobin: Good Blood Sugar: Good Iron: Good T3: Good Anomallies: None This is bad…that means my medication is doing what it should be. That means that the period thing is being caused by something far […]

There is TMI in this Post Amoung the Weekend Updates

So no, the weekend did not start out well with my computer dying, again. I’m actually extremely upset now as I know it’s a hardware issue. At the end of the week I should have an update on that. Any bets on what I’ll get from Dell this time? Writing went well this weekend. Not […]