Obama and His Invocation, Estrogen in Lotion, Debt and my Computer

Have nothing really in common. First I’d like to talk about Obama and Rick Warren. Does everyone seem to forget that Obama is against gay marriage? Or that many of the things Rick Warren stands for (even the book), Obama has said he also stands for? This isn’t a shock, folks. Estrogen is apparently in […]

A Day in History

Yes we have a new president. Yes it’s historic. Yes I wish we could kick out Bush now. Obama is change for good or ill, change. But I’m here to talk about Mochi. Mochi those stick gooey rice cakes filled with bean curd. I love them. You would too if you try them. In Colorado […]


It’s Tacticon weekend. So I’ll be unavailable most of the weekend. Monday I’m removing wallpaper, so if you like to watch paint un-dry I could use the emotional support. History was made in Denver last night. We have an official AA candidate. Go us. There will be many more now…we are country that runs on […]