Mixing Gunk

I’ve used blending gel and floating medium for a while to thin my paints while painting miniatures. However, I’ve always used them separately, mixing on the fly. I finally decided to pre-mix. Mainly because my base pots (empty pots I keep frequently used colors in) didn’t have room for green. So I got an empty […]

Fun with Painting

I’m still having trouble with eyes. I blended the hell out of my latest mini…and it’s looking good…but now that I’m down to the eyes I’m more than frustrated. It’s hit or miss with the eyes right now, But a few things have really helped me along with the rest of the process. If you’re […]

Bored Now

So we painted the sister’s house (or at least the upstairs) on Saturday. The FNGSis’ new boyfriend. This is his blog nickname. It’s his fault, he complain we made him do the stairwell ceiling because he was the FNG, not because we’re short (which is the real reason). Otherwise I’d never thought of it and […]