Out Sick

Sorry it’s been quiet. I am sitting on a post that is difficult to write. Then I was out for the last few days with stomach flu. Also nearing deploying the redesign (the finished version) I accidentally left up while ill. Still ill, actually.

Things that Happened this Week

So I’ve been slow to post. For the first time in a long time I have a bunch of unfinished drafts waiting for me to finish them. This week has been hell. Aia woke up Monday morning with a fever and her entire face swollen. Naturally I panicked, called the dentist (who didn’t answer the […]

My Ears Hurt

This stupid sinus infection is kicking my ass. All I want is to have something hot to drink. Not coffee, I want tea. I’m not supposed to have normal tea (kidney stones)…but maybe I can find an herbal blend that mimics my beloved black tea. Monday I spoiled myself at Seven Cups with a large […]