Repetition – Things I’ve Learned About Finance

I’ve begun adding more reps to my Wii Fit strength training exercise. It’s something you unlock as you go, but you have to choose them to do more. Today I started choosing the higher reps I’ve unlocked…I did fairly well. I’m still on only six reps for side planks…those are hard. Midway through the exercise […]

Wii Fit

The Wii Fit board is pretty heavy. It has a weight limit of 330lbs. I put the foot extenders on since I would be using it on carpet. It took an hour to set up the first time. This is includes weight, BMI and balance tests. You can’t cheat this scale. 🙂 I went through […]


Ask me about low-carb diets sometime and I’ll rail against you. The majority of folks on low-carb diets are killing themselves. They’re idiots. Weight is not the only goal here. However there are several medical conditions that require low carbs…type 2 diabetes, PCOS, Hypoglycemia…I’ve been lowering my sugar intake slowly since my PCOS dianosis last […]