What If I Suck

Life bothers me lately. In the 11 years since graduation from college, writing has been mostly on the side, in those odd moments, whenever I could, because my life was wiped out beneath me. It took two years to get published. Six for a pro credit in fiction. And then it was a landslide, I […]

Good News

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten good news. A long while. A very long while. I’m not talking about good news that happens for other people, that happens a lot and I’m grateful for that. But I’m talking about good news for me. You know the kind. Changes your whole day. It doesn’t even have […]

Dreams in Your Writing

I hear a lot of groans for dream sequences. I take that back, I hear groans from time to time. Various markets list “opening with a dream sequence” as grounds for rejection. And yet…. I’m writing a novel about dreams. What happens in the dreams is just as important as the day to day stuff. […]