Things that Happened this Week

So I’ve been slow to post. For the first time in a long time I have a bunch of unfinished drafts waiting for me to finish them.

This week has been hell. Aia woke up Monday morning with a fever and her entire face swollen. Naturally I panicked, called the dentist (who didn’t answer the phone) and the doctor. The doctor thought it was the mumps (back up, I gave her pink children’s Tylenol before all this. Not stupid.).

Crap I thought…mumps aren’t too bad…we totally have two weeks before Disney World, so she could still go and maybe I could work from home.

But then she couldn’t move and the doctor had me feel around her face. It’s not mumps, they told me to head to the nearest children’s hospital cause it could be meningitis. (For those that wonder there’s a children’s hospital still at St. Jospehs).

So after wandering around construction at about 80mph downtown while on the phone with work (they were having a mild panick attach because the realized (again) that they can’t do the website without me and they need training) we found St. Jo’s. It took another half hour to find parking. I finally found a $3.00 a day emergency lot.

We get her inside and through triage. I spent most of the time explaining what all the equipment was for (thank you birthing and kidney stones) so that she’d stop being scared of it all. The doctor comes in (no random nurse to do things, nice!) and declares it multiple abcess teeth that need to be taken care of today. They give her children’s Motrin and a perscription for pencillian and off we go.

Have I mentioned the dentist still hasn’t answered the phone at this point?

I started out of the lot to find out they only take cash or check, no credit (Who does that?) But the gate guard just lets us go. So we drive to Golden, which I70 midday traffic is pretty good, just so you know.

So I show up at the dentist office, explain the details and that they should answer their phone or at least check messages. They take Aia right away and take pictures. They decide to pull the teeth the next day. And we are sent home to eat, do mold, and keep the fever down.

Cue about 8:30am on Tuesday with me driving pell-mell late to the appointment because I took I-119 cause H56 was closed the day before and on Tuesday they close I-119 and opened H56 (Signs,people, SIGNS) instead so I had to go around the mesa to get to Golden. Good thing I lived in that neighborhood as a child and knew how to get around it. We get there late, but they still take her right away (love that dentist!).

So the shots begin (which go much better than the last time). However they can’t get her numb and have to stop. They send me with xrays down the street to the pediadontist. They take use right away, pull the teeth, give Aia a fudgecycle, and tell me that she has to come back for spaces (think braces that push instead of pull) and that she has to more teeth on the verge of bad but they think they can save them next week.

So after I feint from brokeness all is well. I’m not a fan of broke (especially when I finally had replenished savings a bit, all gone now.) But at least Aia’s okay. Now I just need to figure out how to pay for braces right now. Crap.


4 thoughts on “Things that Happened this Week

  1. So, Troy was wondering, “how did she get multiple abscessed teeth??” Dammit for money issues!

  2. Well she had one root canal and despite the new dentist trying to salvage what the previous dentist did it abscessed.

    The others…it seems the infection spread but they are also telling me that it might be a genetic gum disease thing…which her grandmother on her father’s side has.

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