Thinking on Things

So I pulled two and a half trash bags of weeds out my garden yesterday. Between my back and being gone for a week, they thought they could take over. Too bad they forgot I have clippers and a digging tool. My back did not like that though.

So now there are lots of holes. My speedwell died but the thyme & the grass thing with pink flowers (another creeper) have thrived. I’m thinking I need more roses. I have some miniature white and a purple passion tree, but if I still some climbers along the fence that should discourage walk throughs. I’m thinking some mountain bamboo for my cosmo corner. I’m tired of that corner being bare till august. I’ve decided to keep the elms. They may not survive random visits from my grandfather. My family likes to pull things out of my garden that they don’t like. The day Lilies are huge & green this year. The iris’ have spread across the garden and the lavender bushes (two kinds, english and evergreen(okay that’s not what it’s called but that’s what it looks like) are really thriving.

Now for the public service announcement.

The Barbara Bauer Post at Making Light

And Writer Beware’s Twenty Worst Agents List:

* The Abacus Group Literary Agency
* Allred and Allred Literary Agents (refers clients to “book doctor” Victor West of Pacific Literary Services)
* Capital Literary Agency (formerly American Literary Agents of Washington, Inc.)
* Barbara Bauer Literary Agency
* Benedict & Associates (also d/b/a B.A. Literary Agency)
* Sherwood Broome, Inc.
* Desert Rose Literary Agency
* Arthur Fleming Associates
* Finesse Literary Agency (Karen Carr)
* Brock Gannon Literary Agency
* Harris Literary Agency
* The Literary Agency Group, which includes the following:
Children’s Literary Agency
Christian Literary Agency
New York Literary Agency
Poets Literary Agency
The Screenplay Agency
Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency)
Writers Literary & Publishing Services Company (the editing arm of the above-mentioned agencies)
* Martin-McLean Literary Associates
* Mocknick Productions Literary Agency, Inc.
* B.K. Nelson, Inc.
* The Robins Agency (Cris Robins)
* Michele Rooney Literary Agency (also d/b/a Creative Literary Agency and Simply Nonfiction)
* Southeast Literary Agency
* Mark Sullivan Associates
* West Coast Literary Associates (also d/b/a California Literary Services)


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