Why Being Mistaken For a Younger Age is Not a Compliment

People frequently think I am 10 to 20 years young than I am.
At first you may think it’s a compliment. I have no wrinkles, I dye my hair, I suffer from cystic acne, I use the latest tech and coding techniques, and I can move very fast.

These are all young traits. A man my age will not ask me out unless he’s looking for a younger woman. Younger coworkers will talk to me as an equal. But from there it is an insult.

But you look so young.

  • I am passed over for work because I could not possibly have the experience.
  • I am constantly considered too young to know what’s going on.
  • I’m schooled on topics I have written about with my own work cited because I should learn from experienced leaders.
  • I am told that I can’t work in a system because it takes years to master, and I only know html. I can try again in a few years with experience.
  • I am frequently passed over for team members who “Have more experience” And then have fix their shit because they didn’t know what they were doing.
  • I’ve worked in web dev for over 20 years. I know much more that just html. Frankly, most idiots who say this couldn’t use html to save their lives.

I am reminded every day I am too young and inexperienced by people who have no idea how to do my job or who I am.
And it’s never going to be enough.


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