Wii Fit: Avanced Exercises

I’ve just about unlocked all the unique exercises. Today I decided to do Advanced Step for my Aerobics…in doing so I unlocked Free Step.

Free Step is simple and yet pretty neat. You choose 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Then they give you a step goal and you go. The sound is all handled through the Wiimote. Wii Fit encourages to watch tv or a movie while you do this…the screen will count your steps and time but even if you change the channel, the Wiimote keeps the beat and the encouragement up. You can change how fast the beat is and from two rhythms, a voice or nothing.

By the end I had a mild sweat and heart beat going but it felt good (I did 20 minutes). Then with five minutes left I did some of the boxing. Finally I had 1 minute left…I decided to do a balance game since I hadn’t for quite a while. I’ve unlocked all of those right away but the last one I had not tried yet.

Its Meditation! They give you a candle to concentrate on and you have sit still. Just like in real life (assuming your real life is like mine with a noisy kid, animals and an SO that thinks meditation is for pinko-commie-hippy-nutjobs) people walk around you, bugs fly in and doors slam. Your job is to hold still, breath and watch the pretty flame. I made it 86 seconds.


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