No writing done over the weekend. Just some scrap at Common Grounds. Since I have plenty of time to get to Mile High tonight, I might try some before the writer’s meeting starts. (Update: I didn’t go, played with the daughter and the nephew to destress instead.)

Once again I am finding that I must change book tracking programs. I like to track my books. I used the same one for years, but keep loosing it to system crashes. Finally I found a good one that backed up and kept all the data I wanted to track on my books. Recently, installed a bug fixed for it. That was great until I found out that my backups could not be retrieved to a new install because they were considered to old. I installed the old version on the beast to test and found out because of the system they could not be imported into the old version of the programs.

Well, crap. This does not boad well for the new computer I want to buy in the next year.

So, I’m switching again. This time to Spacejock’s BookDB, which I can run from a pen drive. This will take a lot of typing on my part. BookDB is simpler than my old program but damn, it will handle all I need and borrowing. I’ve managed to get all the publishers and authors in. The rest will take work.

I’ve been pretty good about the diet. Not a sip of soda for a week and a half, and that was only to quench the firey goodness of the oh-so-hot but awesomly good green chili sauce J. made for steak. Other than that the only other break has been for some Christmas chocolates. Not to much, once chocolate marshmellow santa, eight godiva truffles, and some cookies (they said no corn syrup, but I wasn’t sure). I stayed away from the christmas punch, which was made with juice and pop which both had corn syrup. So far so good.

And my Bathroom, my beautiful bathroom is done! Now I’ve got to get up the new fixtures. Then I’ll have a bathroom to die for. The floor is great. Just a little more work.

I’ve upgraded to the shiney new WordPress 2.0. Not much on the front end, but the back end is all neatness.

Tonight (Tuesday), I plan to get books stuff, some painting and maybe some writing. We’ll see. The bunny is at the grandparents for the week. Surrounded by family and Christmas toys, she’s a happy bunny.

Christmas was it’s own boundful of surprises. Not only has the gift giving ban been lifted but I’ve been promoted to adult. I got mormon chocolates, extra money, and random gifts, that normally I just don’t get.

Bizarre. I’ll have to tell J. He took my presents with him on the plane. He told me I cheated but otherwise was happy with what he got (more entertainment options for what he believes will be a boring trip, I’ll find out Friday).

 Wingnut (my new name for one of dumbest employees) is making more work for me.  Got to go.

Writer Progress:

Without Honor: Word Count 37861

Temptation: Submited–Chronicle (Rejections-1)

Mistaken: Submited–Arts & Letters (Rejections-1)

Between Kingdoms: Fermenting, after chop word count 10612.

Sacred Space-Word Count 494

Grandpa story–Fermenting

Lucy’s Story–Fermenting

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our headsThoreau


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