1001 Reasons to Love yWriter and other Life Plans

Oh yeah…

Every time I find a new use for yWriter I get so excited. This program really does so much for me.

I now keep all the following in yWriter files:

My Novels (of course)

My short stories

My world data

My website articles.

I’ve got to get a life. 🙂

On the fat side of things, I’m getting a little disgusted with myself. I must be losing weight because size 14 feels loose. However it doesn’t look like it. I look like a funhouse mirror. I look full but slim from the front, but if I turn to the side, it’s like jumbo came in.

Blargh. I’ve made resolutions in the past. Those damn protein drinks tast like crap. I can’t get them down. I’ve tried for two weeks. So we are going to water. I’m going to work out during my lunch hour. I have to. Now if I can just get them to measure me at Curves. Each time I go in they are too busy to get to me. Ie. they are chatting with their buddies. It pisses me off.

Since I don’t have a working scale at home I have no idea how much I weigh right now. I have been keeping very well off the corn syrup. So that’s been good.

So lets post that schedule thing again. Let’s see if I can keep to it:

5am Get up, Meditate

5:30am get ready, Shower, Aia, Wynn, Feed the animals.

6:15am write.

7am out the door, get to work.

Lunch: Exercise.

5pm off work, get Aia.

After five daily:

Monday: Dnd

Tuesday: Creative Day: Write, Art, Website

Wednesday: Movie Night, if my turn to host get some cleaning or art stuff done.

Thursday: Clean the house day, art stuff if caught up

Friday: Free Night, If Home work on Dollhouse at least one step.

Sat: Writers, Free Day

Sun: Free Day

Off we go to try again. Sigh. So far? I’ve exercised but could no get up today. Blarg. Still working on it all.

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