17 Needles

So I’ve been reading the Stitch & Bitch book. Yay, instruction. I’ve decided to at least try and knit their teaching projects and first one is for a chunky scarf. It’s going to go to J. Unfortunately the project calls for size 17 needles. Big humongous needles I don’t have. I’m not sure why they did this for the first, knit stitch only, project. Very much a huh moment.

Lucky me I made this decision on Wednesday night. So Thanksgiving morning on our way to the grandparents I made a stop at Walmart. Our local Walmart has a craft section…if you can all three isles a craft section. I figured I check, but would be out of luck. Wood 17s are expensive. Plastic ones apparently abound. Stitch & Bitch claims they are only available in plastic. Like I said, I figure I’d check.

Lo and Behold. Not only are they available at Walmart, but they have them in Aluminum. Go me. I love metal needles. I is happy.

Aia likes the purple. Anyway, I plan to pick out yarn tonight. I thought about doing it in browns and oranges…but I want to save that yarn for a Jayne hat. Aia’s bag is almost done. The whole detesting nylon cord is getting to me. 1 and half inches to go…then never nylon cord again.

I also found a free poncho pattern that will be fine for a man with the right color. My man asked for a poncho when I expressed doubt on sweaters. He is a geek after all.

Last year word leaked out that George Lucas had a plan to re-release all six Star Wars movies in 3D, so that finally you could have the Death Star explode right in your lap (or alternately, get a full tongue experience from Jar-Jar Binks).John Scalzi






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